March 8, 2013

Words Banned by Chinese Youth Escort Service

The Chinese Youth Escort Service censors internet messages that contain any of the following words: nude, dancing girls, Uighur, riots, Silk Road, historic preservation, sex slave, Thailand, orgies, rent boy, big, penetration, capitalist roader, old perv, Michael, Jackson, teen, public, private, gender, transgender, unknown gender, condom, face mask, oral, freedom, underage, $, sex toy, vibrator, buttplug, asian cumslut, plum-sized breasts, Edo, Japanese, Japan, geisha, teahouse, Silk Road Project, chinese mouth organ, chinese organ, organ, sex organ, St. Cecelia's day, jazz, jizz, kiss, jerk, nipple, Nip, nibble, flavor, Obama, Omaha, Osana, Osaka, information, disinformation, infection, disinfection, radical chic, Rolex, Stella McCartney, John Lennon, Julian Lennon, Sean Lennon, Ono.

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